Saturday, October 11, 2014

Almost everyone will have the idea of decorating styles and themes for their home before decorating their dream house. We well imagine the looks of our dream house in our mind. Home is a very personal place, especial the bedroom. So we can choose the our favorite decorting style and themes.The following are some popular home decorating themes for us to refer to.
We can decorate an American style home. American style home decor feels magnificant and also sophisticated . It is quite simple to decorate this style house. If you’re an all-American girl with timeless taste, continue on the traditional decor path with natural accents, classic furniture and wood floor. Add the perfect complement to your home with these recommendations.
The country style home decor is also welcomed. You wil feel the natural feeling in the country style home. Usually, this kind home is paved with wooden floor. We can choose furniture in white and wooden color finish. And patterned and floral upholstery, frilly curtains will can be perfect home ornaments in country style house.
The Japanese style home is also polular. This tyle give your home a simple but clean look. Usually, tatami is the perfect addition in the bedroom and the short coffee table in the living room. Simply choosing light timber and white oak with bamboo products as the basics will bring out this Japanese style.
The tropical theme home is quite suitable for people who is a beahc lover. it is also simple to decorate this style house. Just painting the wall into white and neutral colors. And choose a wallpaper which is in the beach theme and then paste it on the wall. Then you need to add some furniture with cool feelings, such as the wooden lounge chairs.

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